Thousands Of Trump Supporters Post Tributes To Ali, Subsequently Drown In Flood Of Irony

A deluge of irony swept the American mid-west overnight as warm, moist thoughts pulled in from the passing of Muhammad Ali met a rising front of mainstream intolerance rolling across the United States, leaving hundreds missing and presumed unaware of their ridiculousness. 

As tributes poured in for the greatest athlete of the 20th century, whose accomplishments as a boxer were outweighed only by his legacy of activism and unapologetic integrity, a large number of them fell on the pages and feeds of people who had in a previous breath mentioned their support for the divisive GOP nomination for president, Donald Trump, who recently asked for an example of an American sports hero who is also Muslim. That query came shortly after he declared he would ban Muslims from entering the U.S., and create a database of those already living there. 

“Lost a lot of friends to this storm of irony.” Said one person on Twitter going by the handle of @oklahomer, “Not saying can’t mourn Ali, saying don’t celebrate Trump too. #WhatWouldAliDo

Conditions are expected to remain unsettled through the weekend, raising fears that the toll from the storm and subsequent flooding may reach into the tens of thousands, overwhelming the abilities of emergency services to moderate the comments sections of most local news sources. 

With FEMA mobilized to rescue stranded posters from their Facebook feeds, where many are perched atop a tenuous stance of loving the famous fighter but supporting his political antithesis, the White House reports President Obama is being kept appraised of the situation and is assessing whether a national state of dumbfoundery should be declared.

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