NASA Announces Plan To Put Donald Trump On The Moon By The End Of 2016

Photo Credit: Our Wildest Dreams

In a surprise announcement today from a bar in Cape Canaveral, Charles Bolden – Administrator of NASA – revealed that man is returning to the moon for the first time in nearly 45 years. Specifically: Donald Trump.

“While ordinarily the space program is exclusive to highly trained astronauts, and voluntary, in this case we are going to make an exception.” Said Bolden to nods of firm support from his colleagues. “It has been over decades since we have set foot on the moon, and we have had to listen to Donald Trump for what has felt like quite a lot longer than that. With that in mind we have decided to take care of both situations with a single mission.”

The Obama administration has reportedly  set aside unlimited funds for the last-minute project, but addressing concerns over cost, Bolden was firm that it would be economical.

“It will just be one way.”

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