Author Of Popular Feminist Novel Just Trying Not To Let The Online Abuse Go To Her Head




“I knew the sudden popularity was no flash-in-the-pan when I had to start having a friend pre-screen my Twitter mentions before I saw them,” Chloe Jones, author of the hugely popular book Ms. Isle Is Away, confides when asked what changes her newfound fame has brought her. “People, mostly men, though some women, usually with overly-developed anime pictures as their avatars, began sending me floods of heinous, horrible, oddly specific, graphic messages. But it wasn’t until the Society Of Trolls For Men’s Rights put me ahead of Alice Walker on their list of accounts to be bombarded with negative mentions, that I knew that I had really made it big.”

Jones went on to say that the success of her book, and subsequent infamy in circles of insecure males unable to face regret or serious introspection, surprised her.

“I honestly didn’t even think I was writing a novel that would be categorized as feminist. The entire book is downright boring if you ask me. All that really happens is the female protagonist gets paid the same as her male co-workers, shares household tasks and child-rearing equally with her partner, and only has sex when she’s aroused. That’s not exactly revolutionary is it?”

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