Postal Worker Pleased To See The Phrase ‘Going United’ On Someone Enter The Vernacular

TommyLeePostal“While I understand there’s a difference between the terms ‘Going postal’ and ‘Going United’ on someone, I can’t tell you enough how happy it makes me to see tens of thousands of workers maligned by the actions of a few in a profession other than my own,” says Philip Sycamore Hoffman, chief mail-sorter since 1985 in Fargo, North Dakota.

Explaining that while he himself has never ‘gone postal,’ for over 30 years he has had to deal with people concerned he might do so in any heated situation.

“Friends, family, lovers. Ok lover. All have said, at one point or another, ‘Hey, Phil, don’t get so upset, I don’t want you going all postal on me.’ And you know what? That makes me want to get a shotgun and saw the barrel right off and wave it around like I just don’t care I am telling you. Just kidding. I don’t have a saw.”

But now, Phil explains, he’s hearing people use a phrase once reserved for his noble profession interchanged with the maligned American carrier, which recently made headlines for taking someone’s money in exchange for publicly beating them and kicking them off a plane.

“Just yesterday at the super market a woman’s card wouldn’t run through, and the cashier asked her to step aside. When she did not do so with alacrity a woman behind her advised she had better get a move on or they might ‘Go United,’ on her. Do you know how happy that made me feel? How exonerated? I damn near fired a few rounds in the air.”


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