Monaco Adopts Living Wage Of $850/hr

suitmowerThe Prince Of Monaco has declared that all those who are lucky enough to have been born in the 3 square meters that comprise the historic municipality he is charged with protecting from the modern blight of taxation, shall henceforward be entitled to a living wage. 

“Imagine not being able to afford tickets to the Grand Prix for both of your ex-wives,” the Prince said in a speech today, reading from hastily prepared notes written on scrap pieces of gold leaf, his feet crunching on the crushed-diamond driveway of the palace, where the open-doors press conference was held. “Or not being able to ensure your valet can send his children to riding camp this summer, or adequately maintain your classic wooden sail boat to blue-ribbon level? Nay I say. We can no longer abide our citizens having to scrap and save their bullion, just barely getting by without paying taxes. From henceforward, all those who were born in the shark tank of my aquarium, as per Monaco-tradition, shall be entitled to earn $850/hr. Thus it is written.” 

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