Guns Save The Day, As Armed Citizens Catch Armed Escapees Who Shot Their Armed Guards

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“Thank God those men were armed,” said Sheriff Polk of Peach County, Georgia, as he summarized the events that led to the recapture of two wanted criminals who escaped Tuesday by turning their guard’s guns against them, killing them both before fleeing the scene. 

Following some confusion in the press ranks as to who exactly he was referring to, as all the major persons in this violent tale had guns, the Sheriff grumpily clarified. “Not the men who escaped you ninnies, obviously it isn’t good they were armed. I meant thank God the citizens were armed.”

The point was raised that if the guards hadn’t been armed they would likely still be alive, and at that point the Sheriff reached for his gun, causing a brief recess to be called in which everyone was advised to take a walk and cool down. When the press conference resumed the Sheriff said he would finish his statement, and that would be the end of the briefing.

“As a police officer in this great county I can tell you that we live in a violent, dangerous world. And the only way to make it less violent, and less dangerous, is to allow and encourage each citizen to arm themselves. Look at what happened here today. Two bad men, in jail for armed robbery, shot their guards, stole two cars and tied up an elderly couple at gunpoint, and were finally brought down by two men with guns. So I ask you this: Imagine where this would have gone if those men didn’t have guns.”

“Which men sir?” One reporter asked, but the Sheriff was gone. 

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