Majority Of Americans Think Now Would Be A Great Time For Trump To Visit Mar A Lago

A poll released this morning by USA Tomorrow has revealed that over 85% of Americans would be ‘extremely satisfied’ to learn the president intended to head to Mar-a-Lago for his 480th visit since becoming president.

“Golf, gamble, drive gold-plated Rolls Royces along the beach while chastising our allies and praising our enemies, whatever he wants to do,” said one Florida man stuck in traffic on the I-95 as he tried to evacuate the state. “He just needs to get his ass into Irma’s eye-wall and I’ll be a happy man.”

Many respondents voiced hope that, having seen Trump’s reaction to being told not to look directly at the sun during last month’s solar eclipse, he may ignore evacuation orders and place himself in the path of the most powerful Atlantic hurricane on record.

“A hurricane is a serious thing,” the roadside stopper says, eyeing the long line of anxious drivers that extends as far as the eye can see in either direction. “As is my dislike of this man, and conviction that it wouldn’t be the worst thing if he were cut-off from communications for a few days. Or indefinitely. ” 


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