Following Eminem’s Lead, Drake Throws Down Trudeau-Bashing Freestyle About His Hate For Decorative Socks

Late this evening, seemingly inspired by Eminem’s already seminal freestyle from last night’s BET Hip Hop Awards, Toronto rapper Drake released a throwdown aimed at his own country’s leader. Or, more accurately, the Prime Minister’s choice of foot attire. 

The video clip starts with a somber Drake stalking an underground garage in Toronto’s Scarborough Town Centre, hoping Sears is still open so he can redeem all those gift cards that will soon be worthless. An old lady rolls up in a 2005 Toyota Camry and asks if he’s leaving. He says no, but that he saw a space two aisles over, close to the Baskin Robbins. After she refuses his offer to help her find it, he pauses, hunches his shoulders, and then releases.

“Wait, how was I gonna start this off?

I forgot… oh, yeah

You’re a good PM and I don’t mind your swagger

Especially when you dealing with that orange-faced braggart

But when I’m watching the news on the C of BC

And you’re hiking your pants all up around your knee

Showin’ how bad is your stylist’s OCD

I think ‘just chill with the flash Justin to the T’

That’s right I’m tellin’ you, hard as Duffy’s belly is soft,

Drop it the overdressed ankles, or step the sock off.

Step the sock off. Yeah. 

Drop it like it’s sock. Yeah.”

The video continues for quite some time, with more authentic street rapping music taking place, as confirmed by an expert source who once owned a Naughty By Nature album. Eventually Drake builds to a furious crescendo in which he waits in line at a department store to get a refund on a pair of Trudeau-like socks for over 45-minutes, before finally getting his money back. He then politely thanks the store clerk and, when the coast is clear, quietly repeats the final line: “Yeah, step the sock off.”  

While experts believe the Canadian’s freestyle is unlikely to go as viral as Eminem’s already ballistic sensation, there is grudging admiration amongst many industry insiders that Drake had the sack to take on the PM’s socks.


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