Facebook Users Loving Videos Showing Exactly How Their Worldview Was Manipulated In 2017

In a surprise move for the social media giant, Facebook have added an illuminating element to their annual year-in-review videos. Sure to tug at the heartstrings of a deeply divided society, this time around the social media giant has decided to throw in the super-fun feature of showing users exactly how their worldview was manipulated in 2017.

“Oh look, how sweeeeeeet,” said one user, Kimberley Tattler of Port Credit, Ontario, “There’s was the day I joined a Facebook group I thought was being run by angry white people in Alberta, but actually was being run by calculating white people in Russia. Oh so funny. And look what I posted right after that, ‘Muslims are raping all the Swedish women, must not allow in Canada, defend our land.’ Oh isn’t that just the cutest?”

Many other users were just as thrilled to learn the source of their seething biases, with millions of Facebook users sharing the computer-generated recaps with their friends. Those they haven’t blocked anyway.

“Look everyone,” said a guy named Rick Perry, “Super sweet video here showing why I only get Brietbart climate stories on my news feed. Soooooooo hilarious. Climate change denial FTW!! Kiss my gas yo!”

And North America wasn’t alone.

“Frankly I always suspected Nigel Farage was a rogue Facebook algorithm come to life,” said a chap known as Tim Edwards, from Leeds, in the somewhat United Kingdom. “And this lovely little vignette by Facebook confirms this is in fact the case. And that the multi-generational mistake we over here have taken to calling Regrexit, was really just the result of people getting misinformation piped directly into their eye sockets via the most powerful tool of mass connectivity humanity has ever known. LOL!”

Reached for comment, Facebook said the videos are a part of their ongoing attempt to connect with users by detaching them from reality. And great for business.

“What our test audiences of human beings immersed in a bath of synthetic bullshit have shown us, is we can actually make way more money propagating lies than the minutiae of users personal lives. Lets be honest, no one is going to pay to boost photos of their dinner. But strongly held views on political situations they hold only a cursory understanding of? Cha-ching!”

Citing ongoing regulatory pressure to not reduce all of civilization to a pile of burning rubble, Facebook did say that next year would be different. 

“We’re going to really work on not having it be so obvious in 2018. Here, watch this adorable video in which we show you just how that’s going to work. Oh look there’s your firstborn. Double-like!”

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