Insomniac Now Down To Less Than One Sleep Left Till Christmas

xmasGetting up this morning for the fourteenth and final time since midnight – having possibly gotten 3 minutes of sleep at 1:27 AM but it might have just been a long blink – St. Catherine’s resident Jill Wakely reportedly received ‘a little thrill’ when she realized there was now just 15 days left until Christmas.

“So less than one whole sleep!” She says, eyes brighter than prison floodlights, smile as brittle as bone china, the shadows of the shadows under her eyes deepening as she contorts her face into a black-and-white version of seasonal cheer.

“Usually it’s my head I think of sticking in the oven when I first enter the kitchen at 4:59, having called it a night after three-hundred repositions in bed,” the thirty-seven year member of the Sleepless In St. Cath. Club says, alternately listless and manic as thoughts pass over her unrested consciousness like rainless lightning storms over a desert. “But today it’s going to gingerbread!” 

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