Women’s March 3018

women'smarch.jpgThe year 3018. A woman offering her best recollection of why there is a statutory holiday in mid-Jan to a colleague as they share a smart-Rhododendron ride home:

‪”Well you know…so there can be a day, every year in January, when all the women march in the streets, sing ‘I Can’t Keep Quiet,’ and raise a beautiful ruckus. I only vaguely remember why, something to do with the president of what is now the Western Altantic States of Goodwill being an irredeemable asshole, and many men across society not respecting women or treating them as equals. I know haha, can you fucking imagine? Probably just an old Google tale. Anyhow, here’s my place, have a great long weekend and see you Tuesday when neither of us has been raped, harassed, made to feel awkward, underpaid, demeaned, talked over, or left to do all the emotional labour for everyone in our family. Ciao.”

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  1. Paul Duncans pieces are becoming extremely repetitive. Its not satirical, its not funny and it isnt interesting or informative so why bother? And to a Trump supporter it just makes the opposition look like idiots. And this from someone who is far from a Trump supporter.


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