Involuntarily Underpaid Women Mark 6,000 Years Of Not Resorting To Violence


A small gathering of underpaid, but non-violent, women.

As the city of Toronto, and Canada, and the world in general, becomes horrifyingly familiar with the violence that occupies the single space between the words ‘involuntary,’ and ‘celibate,’ a much more ubiquitous movement is quietly noting its sixth millennia of persistence, without resorting to killing anyone.

“The inund movement has been around as long as women have been receiving fewer – if any – wages for the same job as their male counterparts,” says Susan Longamme, the 257th director of the Involuntarily Underpaid movement, a very loose affiliation of pretty much every female who has lived in recorded history. “So, forever.”

“And in all those millennia of not receiving ample compensation for a given task – something that is in fact owed to people; unlike sex, for example – we have driven into exactly zero crowds of innocent strangers; and resorted to wholesale, blind violence precisely not a single time.”

Ms. Longamme, and many others of her serially underpaid subculture – that at last count included approximately half the people on earth – are the first to point out that this lack of violence really isn’t something to be particularly lauded.

“I think that’s the bare minimum right there,” she says, noting that there are no plans to mark the generations of women who lived inequitable lives without killing anyone over it, because “while we always remember our predecessors in this fight for equality, among their many accomplishments – like getting the right to vote, and attend university, and be seen as a person in their own right – we put ‘not killing people in insane fits of rage,’ quite a long ways down on the list.”

Asked if she hopes anything comes of her small movement of 3.62 billion women being recognized this week for not being homicidally toxic, Susan pauses for a moment and considers the question. Her face is still, and expression neutral, while showing signs of generational fatigue. After a while she sighs, and answers.

“Well, it sure would be nice if we could stop being referred to as the hysterical ones.”

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  1. Yes, Women are better than men in every way. We should cage them and milk them for their sperm. So sick of the brutality and misogyny. But we’re supposed to love them, nurture them and understand their pain and sacrifice everything for their feelings and tender state of being. Women throughout herstory are responsible for the contributions of human kind far more than men they steal our ideas and incorporate them into their work and take 100% credit for women’s ideas. Women created language, Women invented the potters wheel which became the wheel that is used for everything involving travel and transport. Mozart’s sister was far more talented than he; she even wrote some of his compositions. As children they traveled throughout Europe performing together but when she became of age (ie. puberty) it was no longer permissible for her to continue to perform in front of audiences. Hypatia. Women are responsible for the creation and invention of computer language of the binary code Ada Lovelace and in the early part of the 20th century it was women who were in tech because men didn’t think it was an important industry at that time and thousands of more examples of women throughout herstory. WE NEED MATRIARCHY NOW!!!!!!!! and we need to put an end to patriarchy and it’s destructive nature.

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    • There’s a difference between advocacy and terrorism. As a man who supports equal rights in every aspect of life I’ve come to realize people like you are the ones who move things in the opposite direction. Your comment is horrible and beyond hateful.


      • I don’t think I agree with caging anyone – in fact, I don’t agree with that at all – but for the rest, its time these facts became mainstream knowledge. As we break the spell of misinformation, about inventions, talents and contributions made inthe past, and the present – so will we expand the potential for the future to benefit from all of humanity’s creative genius,being harnessed in a balanced way. Rather than as we are now, be limited by having to pretend only one half of the species is making worthwhile contributions.


        • I have never in my life heard a male suggest men are the he only ones making worthwhile contributions. But if you’d like , perhaps I could devote a year or two in listing them for you. That would not diminish the countless contributions by women. Your premise is a gross exaggeration. Why do you foment division between sexes. No good will ever come of it.


    • What a sick, vile attack on men. What do your words accomplish? Hatred instead of healing. Would you like for me to list all the accomplishments of men. Sorry, I don’t have years to list them all. You need help.


  2. MALE DOMINATION OF WOMEN caused EVERY crisis we now face and MEN are the SOURCE of ALL the world’s agony

    By Elaine Charkowski
    Free to Post and Share

    “Silence is the first thing within the power of the enslaved to shatter. From that shattering, everything else spills forth,” said Robin Morgan in her book “The Demon Lover.”

    Everyone who works for social justice, stopping global warming and saving the environment will continue to rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic unless male domination of women is dealt with!

    Connect the dots!

    • AGRICULTURE is often blamed for the human population explosion and the resulting destruction of Nature. However, for thousands of years, many tribes have cultivated small plots but kept their populations stable because women controlled their child bearing.

    • MALE DOMINATION OF WOMEN drives mandated and culturally coerced pregnancy.

    • MANDATED AND CULTURALLY COERCED PREGNANCY drives overpopulation which is great for the economy but not for the Earth!

    • OVERPOPULATION drives economic growth due to women’s mostly involuntary re-production of consumer/worker/soldier/breeder units. More than seven billion humans buy a lot more stuff AND BURN A LOT MORE FOSSIL FUEL than two billion did in 1940. This is great for the global economy but not for the Living World.

    • ECONOMIC GROWTH drives habitat destruction by changing the Living World into pastures, farmland, money and stuff for an ever increasing human population to consume.

    • HABITAT DESTRUCTION drives the Sixth Major Extinction.

    Reproductive rights for ALL the world’s women would slow the growth of, and eventually reduce the human population.This is because most women do not choose to have more children than they can feed and care for.

    A reduced human population would save the Living World since fewer humans would consume less habitat, burn less fossil fuel and reduce global warming. War would also decrease because the mass-industrialized re-production of soldiers would no longer be mandated and the supply would eventually run out as they killed each other off.

    However, men will never relinquish their appropriation of the uterus! Losing control of women as livestock would threaten their global economy!

    If women took back control of their bodies, Patriarchy (the global Earth-devouring male-dominated social system) would collapse and the Living World would breathe a sigh of relief.

    But shhh! Never mention male domination of women! Dance around it and only name the symptoms!

    Overpopulation, (if it’s even mentioned at all) is the MAIN SYMPTOM of the male domination of women which caused ALL the other symptoms (global warming, ocean acidification, war, pollution, desertification, deforestation, drought, famine, habitat destruction, endangered species, etc).

    What to Do

    1.Immediate international action must be taken to enable EVERY women on Earth to have reproductive rights.

    2. Every soldier from every military on Earth (tens of millions of them) must be deployed to plant billions of trees, restoring habitat and cleaning up pollution instead of killing people.

3. 3.75 BILLION EMERGENCY VASECTOMIES would slow and reverse the human population explosion. Since one man can impregnate many women, it’s time to regulate MEN’s bodies for a change.

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    • This is vile, man-hating feminist claptrap at its worst. You accomplish nothing but foment hate and division. You should be ashamed to even possible such views publicly. You need help.


  3. I agree with most everything you’ve written here and having soldiers mobilize to start addressing the problems is a phenomenal idea! I do feel, though, that overpopulation is a patriarchal myth used to incite fear/panic and make us cling to them for survival. I support taking back our uteruses, bodies minds and souls. There needs to be a new discourse amongst women where we can speak about our children and reproductive capacity without being silenced by the fear of being enslaved by men and forced into roles that are totally under their control. At this juncture- some women have children and some don’t. Whether one has children or not should have no bearing on whether or not a woman is entitled to be free.

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  5. Patriarchy, matriarch, don’t you think we should Work Together? Is the word cooperation? To help protect all from violence all parts of the world? I do, I love the men in my life…there are women who I don’t want. As nothing is unflawed. Gather round the campfire, work together, men and women should be aghast at Cosby , Weinstein, all!


  6. Ah yes, because woman never kill and are perfect peaceful creatures from heaven… What a load of bullshit ahah. What about all the studies that point to the fact women are more violent and more likely to escalate the situation in maried couples?
    I am all for women rights and equality, but this text is a pathetic piece of trash. It is soooo dumb

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    • In comparison to what men do, the number of female murderers, without the numbers being skewed by men pretending to be women, is too insignificant to bother mentioning.


    • Which studies? The AUS one where men cited not having a hot meal waiting for them as domestic abuse?
      What does ”escalate the situation in married couples” even mean? Cause from the data we have men seem to be far more likely to escalate the situation to murder in married couples.

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  7. I’m a huge fan. I share your musings constantly. I do have to say, however, that I think that you missed the mark this time. For one thing, the first thing about the photo that struck me was the lack of anyone my age (71), and the fact that if you’ve been an average woman my age, you have endured decades of discrimination, and/or abuse. I couldn’t help but notice that front and center is the cute little blonde, well-endowed, and pretty tiny. Even in a satire, alluding to some fact that women are non-violent is pretty naive. You have a power to help us out here. Please do.


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