Student Satire Contest Winner: Competitive Soccer Team Allows First Boy To Join Ranks

soccerHere is the winning entry to The Out And Abouter’s 1st Annual Student Satire contest, submitted by Brooke B., from Haliburton, Ontario. 

Competitive Soccer Team Allows First Boy To Join Ranks
By: Brooke B.

Last week, on Saturday, March 10th, the small town of Haliburton made its spot in history by being the first Canadian soccer team to allow a male to join their team. When Aidan Penman showed up at the field for tryouts and began to line up with the girls, Alexandra Carmody – both a retired soccer star and the coach of the girls’ team – says she was skeptical. But when Penman showed he could hold his own with the other players, Carmody reconsidered.

“I’d never even heard of boys wanting to play soccer before! I’ve always only seen boys playing with dolls or learning to apply makeup, or something like that. But after seeing that boy play, I’ll be damned if I don’t want him on my team.”

Penman, when asked how he felt about making the team, said, “I’m really excited to have actually made it, but being surrounded by all of those girls who are so much much faster, stronger, and just more athletic in general, makes me really nervous.”

Although the season doesn’t start for another few weeks, Penman’s guardians have scheduled and paid for 1 one-on-one and 2 group practices each week for their son, separate from the team’s weekly practice.

The team’s response to having a male play with them have been, for the most part, positive; however, not everyone in the community agrees with Penman’s presence on the team. Many people have complained to the team itself, the soccer association, and a few even went as far as personally confronting Penman and his family.

“One group of teenaged girls egged our house the day after tryouts,” Mrs.Penman told us. “At the next practice, Aidan says a few of the girls were bragging about it.”

In any event, April 3rd, the day of the team’s first home game, will be a special, “game changing” day for not only Haliburton, but soccer teams all over the world.


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