Social Injustice Warrior Just Will Not Stop With The Asshole Signalling


Richard Spencer, believed by many to be the first Social Injustice Warrior. 

Like many so-called Social Injustice Warriors – a name given to them by those who can’t stand their agenda of small-mindedness, fear, and keeping their boot on the neck of the oppressed, but still worn with pride – Blake Robbins says he isn’t looking for a fight. But he’ll take one.

“When I’m online, and I see someone promoting those horrible agendas of inclusion, and acceptance, and agency for those who don’t have it, I simply can’t help myself. I’ve just got to get straight in there and defend the moral low-ground.”

Blake, who admits to spending anywhere from 10-15 hours a week arguing on Facebook, sub-tweeting on twitter, and having his way on reddit, says that asshole signalling online (again a term intended as a pejorative by his detractors, but embraced by Mr. Robbins and his fellow pilgarlics) is a thankless job, but one that he genuinely feels called to.

“It just feels like lately this whole ‘righting historic wrongs,’ and ‘giving a voice to those who previously didn’t have it,’ and ‘helping the disadvantaged from other parts of the world or society,’ has gotten totally out of control. People these days are so brazen with wanting to improve things for everyone and live in a better world. Frankly it was already pretty sweet for me, and this SJW virtue-signalling shit feels a lot like a roundabout way of advocating for a better life for everyone except this guy.”

Robbins pours himself a glass of lemonade and stares at the ceiling for a minute, not choosing his words carefully. Because, as he tells us, he gives zero shits about being understood. Despite going to great lengths to defend himself. 

“I’ll tell it to you straight, because that’s the way I like to hear it, except when it hurts my feelings. If we make life sweet for all the people, how am I going to know I’ve got it good? Where is the currency in being top dog on the social ladder if all these ‘be the change’ mofos have taken that ladder and gently laid it down in the grass where everyone can run all over it? Let me tell you: there isn’t any. That’s why I fight. For me. And social injustice.”



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  1. I still remember, on a trip to the states, a white woman in Atlanta Georgia complaining on the news in the ’80s or the ’90s, “If we’re not better than them, who are we better than?”


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