Canadian Response To Threatening Saudi Photo Is An Image Of Women Driving To Vote

49082585 - group of girls having fun with the car. taking selfie hile driving

The women claim to have not asked any men for permission for the outing.

As relations further dissolved between the compulsive arms buyer of Saudi Arabia, and the aspirational arms seller that is Canada, a threatening image from a Saudi Twitter account which appeared to imply that the appropriate response to Canada’s condemnation of Saudi human rights abuses is flying airplanes into Toronto buildings, received a response that will be equally horrific to many in the Arab state: women at large in vehicles, on their way to vote. 

The image – which appears to have been posted by a Canadian satirical site known to sympathize with women doing things – is being greeted with anger and confusion amongst the Saudi ruling class.

“Who bought these women a car?” asked an official from the Saudi Foreign Ministry. “How do they know the rules of the road? Are their male guardians aware that they are out of the house and not in a particular rush to return? What do you mean they are on their way to vote? Jesus Allah. This is surely the most threatening thing to ever be directed at our government. We demand it be removed or we will weaponize our control of the oil markets. And by that I mean more than we already have.”

Canadians have been quick to point out that if the Saudis thought that women being recognized as fully-fledged people was controversial, wait until they find out that over here many females also enjoy drinking, having sex with whomever they want, and being able to mute or block those who don’t like it when they question the patriarchy. 

“As the Canadian saying goes,” says Wanda Trebuchet, a resident of Oakville, Ontario, pausing to give her thoughts while being out without a hall pass. “He who ignores the trouble brewing in his own country while punishing other nations for pointing out that he’s acting inhumanely, finds what doesn’t please him.”

As Ms. Trebuchet departs, she adds over her shoulder that she can’t wait to find out what the Al Sauds think of our women’s hockey team.

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  1. I notice there are a few men standing behind the women in the hockey photo, who are possibly managers or coaches. Hopefully this will ease some of the concerns of the Saudis, and reduce the picture’s provocativeness, thus preventing war between these two nations.

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