Fox News Mistakes Steve Bannon For A Thumb, Kellyanne Conway For Vacuum Of Space

Early reactions on social media indicate very few viewers noticed the honest mistakes.

The litany of errors by Fox News – an organization best known for its unassailable integrity and journalistic rigour – has continued in what is quickly dissolving into a near-embarrassment for the paragon of in-depth news production, following their mistaking Patti LaBelle for Michelle Obama’s bare shoulders earlier this week.

The latest miscues took place on this morning’s edition of the critically-acclaimed show Fox And Frenemies, when someone in graphics made the understandable mistake of running an image of a smashed thumb alongside a deep-think piece on Steve Bannon’s breakfast preferences (puppies with chaos). Things then went from accurate to awkward when, in an attempt to move on from the misstep, the cable channel segued to a story on Kellyanne Conway that featured an uninterrupted, 30-minute, rolling clip of the vast emptiness of space. 

The blunders are not the first time Fox has raised eyebrows, despite having won a stunning total of zero Peabody awards during its tenure as the go-to source for blonde people saying things between loud commercials. Many will remember the channel for its well-documented mistake of touting Donald Trump as a worthy vehicle for the conservative agenda; and the entire network is, of course, erroneously named after an animal best known for its stealth and cunning. 

Addressing the latest incidents, a spokesperson at Fox took to Twitter this morning to apologize to thumbs everywhere, and space in general, saying that of course the network can tell the difference between a vacuum and Kellyanne. One occurs in nature, and the other works for a man who hates it.

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  1. Amusing. Fox remains the sole major media outlet that has not had to fire or ‘force to resign’ staff members for blatantly deliberate or obvious misrepresentations of facts. Viz, MSNBC, New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, NBC, CBS…


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