Nation Worries That Rejecting Kavanaugh Might Discourage Aspiring Young Sexual Assaulters

“I just can’t help but ask what kind of message we’re sending to the sexual assaulters of tomorrow, if we let something like this stop Brett Kavanaugh,” says Janine Blynders of Mist Point, Missouri. “It’s almost as though we’re saying that anyone who ever molested somebody, should go apologize to their victims and make themselves available for restitution – in whatever shape it may come – instead of carrying on with their lives as though they didn’t permanently damage another person. And that’s just crazy talk.”

Ms. Blynders is referring to the growing chorus from some extremist circles in Washington DC, saying that U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh should be thrown out over something as all-American as pinning down a smaller person to molest them, and then going on to live a life free from any repercussions arising from that.

“If we start here, then where do we stop?” asks Jeff Simm-Thom, of Rebuff Falls, Oregon.  “Next thing you know, people will be saying Donald Trump’s well-publicized sexual assaults were an early indicator of what sort of president he was going to be. Do you really think ‘moving on things like a bitch’ constitutes an entire worldview?”

Advocates for powerful people getting away with shit other people wouldn’t, have been quick to condemn the condemnations. 

“Who hasn’t been saved from committing a rape only by a drunken friend falling on their crime scene?” challenges Tim Oldman, director of Cousins Against Consequences, a non-profit agency that works with young men struggling to overcome not ever having to pay for their actions. “Rejecting Kavanaugh could set us back decades in our agency’s fight to set us back centuries.”

Flying in the face of the everyone-did-this-as a-kid defense, are the millions of people who have come forth to say that they never did this as a kid.

As a man walking through Times Square in the early evening put it: “When I say that when I was young I did dumb things, I’m referring to lighting cherry bombs in soup cans, sticking a baseball bat in the spokes of my brother’s bike while he was travelling at speed, and wrecking my dad’s car on the way to a festival when pops thought I was at the library. Not attempting to rape someone; drunk, stoned, or otherwise.”





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