Canadians Agree This New SCOTUS Show Sucks


Despite its appallingly poor debut the show has been airing on most major networks for weeks now. 

CANADA – The results of a survey asking what Canadians think of the latest television drama from south of the border are in. And, unsurprisingly, they are not favourable.

While the plucky northern nation likely isn’t the target audience for a show clearly aimed at people who like good old-fashioned, wholesale capitulation right when a stand is needed most, the Canucks have wasted no time in giving the unnecessary farce two mittens down. 

“It’s depressing. It’s gratuitously unrealistic. The cast lacks diversity. And many of the characters are so unbelievably villainous as to be the very epitome of lazy writing. Who would really act like that?” asked a Rogers Cable user going by the handle @CustomerServeThis.

“Is whoever made this show really expecting me to believe that old white Republicans are a homogenous block of entitlement that votes for whatever sounds like it will require the least amount of bravery, effort, or desire for a better future? Please. It’s so trite. There’s no way a modern political party would go to such lengths to make half of its voters feel utterly unheard,” added @BobCajun, from Ontario.

The numbers back up the reviews, with fewer than 3% of Canadians saying they’d consider watching another episode with that Brett character in it.

“Give me a break with that guy already,” said a respondent from Whitehorse. “I don’t like anything about him, and frankly find it insulting that this program expects me to believe that the United States would nominate an unhinged frat boy to their supreme court. That guy can just Kavan-right-off the show as far as I’m concerned.” 

Also of annoyance to many Canadian viewers was a particular plot hole large enough to drive a presidential limo through, one that appeared early on in the show. Said @HNIC_olas:

“When the accusations against Kavanaugh came forward, his party went out of their way to characterize the events of thirty-six years ago as being too far in the past to matter. This despite being the same party THAT CAMPAIGNED ON A PROMISE TO TAKE THEIR ENTIRE NATION BACK TO LIVING AS THEY DID THIRTY YEARS AGO. That’s such a terrible inconsistency it would be funny if it wasn’t so truly awful.”

But the most visceral response was received from a woman in Montreal, who weighed in after learning that if Brett Kavanaugh gets the nod to join the SCOTUS bench this week, the political farce that has invaded Canadian televisions for weeks now, would be renewed for another thirty seasons. 

“Oh you have got to be fucking kidding me.”

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  1. Thank you Paul for your daily dose of diversion. You make me laugh every day. Tough to do during such crazy, scary times. Thanks again.

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