Help Support Upstart Canadian Satire: Get Out And About With A New Tote

O&AtoteIt’s been three years since The Out And Abouter first went live, and we’ve got a new project underway. One that we hope will deliver even more shared laughs at the absurd, in new ways on this site. To help get that rolling we’re doing what all major media outlets do to welcome a fresh idea: we’re selling totes.

Made right here in Canada, by women who are either underemployed or recent arrivals looking for work, the bags are perfect for anyone you know who likes to get out, or about. And maybe even, on occasion, does both at the time. They’re also a great way to support independent, upstart writing, in the seemingly endless work of mining sarcasm for hope.

In addition to giving you bragging rights as one of the first supporters of this site, every person who purchases a tote will be entered into a draw to have their name appear in a future article, as the appellation of one of the (favourably depicted) fictitious characters in a satirical post. You’ll also received a signed copy of that post, as well as an additional, signed favourite of your choice from our extensive back catalogue. 

So order up! They’re going fast, and purchases made this weekend are still estimated to arrive in the US before Christmas (shipping is $10 to the American Massif, $3 to Canadia, where you have a few more days before the official Xmas deadline, but should probably not wait given the current delays at Canada Post).

Thanks, as always, for all of your support. New things are coming, and old things continuing.

Shop Now:


Can hold numerous Canadian classics simultaneously.


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  1. Hey Paul Duncan,

    1. The last thing I need is another tote — but I would love to support you because you make me laugh out loud on a regular basis. Can I just e-transfer you that amount instead?

    2. Of course dying to know what books you’ve got in your tote below.

    3. Also, I wish your newsletter came with a Facebook icon on it so readers can share it easily — I’m not technically inclined to figure it out myself.



    Liked by 2 people

    • Carol that’s very kind of you. I think what I’d do in this case is offer a tote as a freebie to the first person who shouts for it on the main Facebook page, giving people who might be experiencing a tote-shortage a chance to get one.

      Now that you mention it, those do look like books, but they are in fact three records that get a lot of play in our house, respectively by: Stan Rogers, David Walden & Lois Birkenshaw, and Arcade Fire.

      And I’ll have a look into that aspect of the newsletter. Thanks Carol! If you still want to contribute to the cause that really is hugely appreciated. Please feel free to send a message to, and we can respond with details. Thanks again!


      Paul Duncan


  2. I agree completely with Carol’s thanks for all the smiles you have provided. I’m more than thrilled to have the opportunity to support in this way. You possess amazing talent which I’ve shared with family and friends.

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