Update To The Previous Post About Changes Coming At The O&A

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If there’s one thing that still continues to surprise me about this page, it’s the sheer decency of the people who follow it. Thank you all for taking the time to write comments on my previous post (Packing Up The Shed) about some changes that are coming here at the O&A. I’ve been feeling pretty darkly about the worldwide web lately, and some of the inclinations it brings out. You’ve all made a great counterpoint to that.

And I’m sorry that the conclusion of that post was a little misleading. I’d originally titled that update, “Bye For Now, Canada.” I changed that, and now I realize it left it all sounding much more like I was pretty much done with posting on here for now. No way. In part because you’ve all reminded me that this page is a congregating point for a lot of good (which I take zero credit for, and am just grateful it occurs). I’ll be slowing down a bit over the coming months, but I will keep the satire coming. And will try to mix in some of that longer-form, more esoteric stuff I was talking about.

The main thing I wanted you all to know is that a website that has up until now been at least partly based on a specifically Canadian viewpoint, is going on the move. The name of this site isn’t a coincidence. It’s more of an imperative.

Thank you all. I owe you. Is it ok if I pay you in satirical takes of varying quality and insight? 


Paul Duncan

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  1. Hi Paul.
    You were already making me think while I was laughing. Your views on that orange guy are spot on . Thanks for not giving up on us.
    Can’t wait for your next collection of thought.
    Moving is never fun. Hope all goes well.


  2. I didn’t want to crowd your In Box but I’ll say “Hear, Hear” in the best of British tradition.

    It is truly a global world and perhaps satire with a centre other than T.O. will be better for us! That can be a Canadian pun but what I really mean is serious, the conversation has to be more than national navel gazing (as much fun as that is at times), it needs a world-wide discussion. Satire makes us smile and puts us in a better mood for discussion. We’ve created no end of problems for this rock and all its inhabitants.

    So I say, “Carry on, enjoy the opportunities that come with a move, and the WWW can be a force for good, keeping the conversation flowing.”

    All the best, Bye For Now, Paul.

    Regards from the East Coast.


  3. Ha, you have no idea how much bother you’d be in if you stopped doing what you do (and you’d be in the UK, so fair game 😉). So, keep on keeping on – or else! 😊


  4. Duncan,

    It is so refreshing to read your intelligent, witty and spot on commentary. You are talented, funny and bring light, laughter and hope to me, my family and friends.

    Thank you for doing what you do, and best of luck in your endeavors, wherever they may lead you!

    Best regards,

    Mary Childs 413-429-1945

    Dream it and make it so….



  5. Good luck to you and yours, Paul. Will look forward to whatever you continue to post but am afraid your satirical keyboard may meet its match in Brexit. Hard to top the living reality of that.


  6. Phew! I’ll still get my fix.
    Hey Paul, do you have a Patreon account? You’re one of the few that I’d go out of my way to contribute to…


  7. I feel like I’ve come late to the party. I only discovered the Out & A a few months ago, and I am so glad that I did! Very happy to hear that it will continue, in whatever form you choose.


  8. WHEW! So glad you will still be around – sharing. Your wit and droll/dryness help me get thru this god awful debacle of a presidency/administration.Obviously. a U.S. citizen. Sigh.


  9. I think the reactions your post got reflected the fact that we’d all felt that we’d gotten to know you a little bit over the past few years, and didn’t want to lose a friend. Glad we’ll still be hearing from you!


  10. 👍🏽

    On Fri, May 24, 2019 at 2:58 PM The Out And Abouter wrote:

    > Paul Duncan posted: ” If there’s one thing that still continues to > surprise me about this page, it’s the sheer decency of the people who > follow it. Thank you all for taking the time to write comments on my > previous post (Packing Up The Shed) about some changes that are coming” >


  11. Hey, I live in the US and your satire articles make my day. We’re crying here all day long (well not really; sometimes we just want to slit our wrists). I’m happy you’ll still be writing. It’s been good to start my day with a laugh before the quick decline of finding out what horrific events have occurred in the US overnight. Thank you bring joy to my life each day.


  12. Dear Paul, Thank you for your great satirical work, and I’m glad that you aren’t giving up on your very entertaining blog! I look forward to what new ridiculous things catch your attention in the great Out There. And good luck on a personal and professional level. I hope that there are many paying writing opportunities for you in your new abode. All the best, Patty Archer

    Sent from my iPad



  13. Good on you and yours. How about we just stand you to a couple of pints next time we meet. My shout.


  14. Last month I reached a point where I just couldn’t deal with one more Trump, Trudeau, hate speech item or other negative thing. I deleted all my social media- Facebook, twitter etc. I prefer hearing about the insanity from you. Whatever you have time to write I’ll read. Thanks


  15. Hey, you had me holding my breath and saying goodbyes n shit! I had to prepare myself mentally n stuff. No fair! 😑


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