Raucous Crowds Greet Kamala Harris With Chants Of “Build A Basic Human Decency”


Senator Harris, trying to be heard over her supporter’s calls for America to stop being run like it was raised by wolves.

MIAMI –  Their shouts echoed off the ceiling of the modest convention center hall. They stomped their feet in time to the chant. People waved blue hats that read “Make America Not Hate Again.” A child held up a sign saying, “Be Kind To The Huddled Masses Or Watch Your Orange Asses.”

“Build. A. Basic human decency!” they cried, as Kamala Harris took the stage, waving and promising to not be a total asshole. “Build. A. Basic Human Decency!”

In scenes reminiscent of President Trump’s rallies, except for being the precise opposite, Harris’s supporters were vocal in their demands that no one be demonized based on their skin colour, religion, or nationality. And the crowd also made it clear that their votes would only be going to someone who shared their core value: That in the end, we are all in this together. 

“America First?” questioned a woman who said she had been a big Kamala supporter ever since she’d heard Ms. Harris was a normal human being with a functioning conscience and ethical framework. “How about children first? Or families first? Or just some goddamn basic human decency first?”

Experts estimate building such a decency could cost as much as not losing the rest of the world’s everlasting respect. And that’s a price that many Democrats seem willing to pay.

“You can’t put a price tag on not indefinitely incarcerating children,” said Kamala, after being asked to comment on the calls for some semblance of humanity to be allowed back into American policy-making. “But I’m told it’s a damn sight less than the $15 billion Trump wanted to build his wall.”




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