Birds Across Canada Fly In Missing Man Formation, Following The Downing Of A Snowbird


As Canadians attempted to process the horrible news that one of the Snowbird planes had crashed over Kamloops, birds across the nation were seen engaging in an unusual flying formation. One in which they appeared to be leaving a space, for a missing fellow aviator.

“Whether your craft is powered by kerosene or grass,” said a large Canada goose, resting on the shores of Lake Huron after completing a flock-wide flyby, “and can go 300 knots or 30, we are all, in our ways, creatures of the air. And we know what it is to lose a member mid-flight. I’m sorry, is what I’m trying to say.”

A duck on a medium-sized pond in Nova Scotia agreed. 

“For heavy-boned mammals with no feathers and severely under-sized wings, you people sure can fly. I heard those Snowbirds were trying to inspire you guys, after all of that time away from your flock that you’ve been having to spend. Brave thing that. Brave indeed. The least we ducks can do is put on a quiet air show of our own, to remember your lost flyer.”

The sun reached low, on a quiet Sunday in a lonely May. Across the country, millions of people who had, in happier times, stood shoulder to shoulder in the congregating spaces of this place to watch the red-and-white planes streak across clear skies, took in the awful news that one of those planes had fallen. And the birds flew, missing one.



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  1. I find you ‘humour’ and the timing of it quite insensitive, Mr. Duncan. A man died in the last 24 hours while trying to use his skills to cheer up Canadians across the country and you think it’s funny to write a piece like this? Tasteless.


    • I dont feel this was meant to be humouress. Theres was no pun intended. The pilot was a female and coincidentally from Nova Scotia.So very tragic. RIP 🥀Fly High🌿


    • You seemed not to grasp the sincerity of his words… get real and read it again… with a different point of view!


  2. On the contrary. I found this article very touching and sympathetic. More like a “we flyers are all in this together” feeling, even between different species. Lovely and sad.

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  3. I had the same initial reaction as Katie. I thought it was miserable attempt to draw humor from a dreadful situation.
    Paul, you are equipped with a talent that produces poignant prose as in your last paragraph. That was all you needed.

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    • It became clear to me and thank you… there are times when even a satire site can take a breather and say something from the heart… May our sorrow be softened just by your words.

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  4. Sir, as a writer who tries for pithiness and impact, I bow down in homage. This piece reached so much deeper than this one tragedy for me. I cried, one of those necessary cries that only the best art can evoke. Thank you.

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